It’s All Good, Man

I’m like hey, what’s up hellooooo.

I’m the WORST at updating this, aren’t I? I’ll keep workin’ on it. I know you’re all just dying to know my comings and goings, so here ya go.

Living on my own has been a blast! I had a housewarming party and was overwhelmed and humbled by all of my friends who came to see my new digs. Bloody Mary’s and mimosas were on deck and 90s rap was playing on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. (Trap Queen like 15 times, too). It was a great way to break in my new apartment and it took me a few days to get over my happiness high. And my hangover. (3 day hang over is a real thing, people.)

My friend Jenny gave me some sage to cleanse the place and I was so stoked to use it. I cleaned out the whole apartment, opened the windows, played some music that had harps and guitars and cleansed it with my blue sage. I gotta say, the vibes were completely different after and I’m glad I did it. Afterwards, I just felt like Stevie Nicks, all whimsical and full of good energy. I would recommend it if ya wanna get your spiritual livin’ on.

Jenny was in town from Austin and I took her out and about in my new hood and had the best time catching up. She got to come to one of my open mics and see me do that and it was fun for me to flex my cool muscle for her. We spent a lot of good time together and I was sad to see her go back home, but I think I could use a little trip down to Austin soon. 🙂

I love living on my own! It’s great. I get to do whatever I want, when I want and I don’t have to worry about being quiet or anyone else’s schedule. I do miss having someone around, though. Like I miss having someone to talk to. Not necessarily deep conversations, but I miss the useless conversations I’d have with my old roommate. The other day I came home from Aldi and I didn’t buy lemons because the ones there were subpar. I wanted to tell someone that! I just wanted to have a stupid convo about the lameness of the lemons, and my cats were totally uninterested. Now if I had my old roommate, she’d be like, “Well, what was wrong with them? Did you get some at Trader Joe’s? I saw a coupon at Fareway for 500 lemons for $4.” It would have just been a short convo, but that’s all I wanted.  Anyone else know this feeling? No? Just me?

500 lemons for $4 would be a steal. I’m not good with numbers.

I went to Brewfest with my old roommate and we squeezed in some good QT before and it just made me feel great.  We talked like we hadn’t missed a beat and we filled each other in on everything. We text every day and if we don’t, we get concerned that the other one might have died, so sitting down and chatting was the best. We went to our favorite dive bar after and ate junk food, drank, and met some weirdo friends. Everything was perfect.

My stand up has been a ton of fun! I’m really glad I started doing it and it’s been nothing but a blast. I love writing down jokes, trying them out on my friends (you’re all my test subjects) and getting up there and doing them for a crowd. I have been in two shows now and felt really special to be asked! I’m in one towards the end of the month and I’m really excited for it.

Doing stand-up is great because my whole life, I’ve been told I was inappropriate, funny, but inappropriate, but when I have a microphone in my hand, I get to say what I want, and it’s all good. I won’t have a teacher there to call my mom and tell her that I shouldn’t tell a joke to the class, no matter how funny it was. I was always the class clown and lived off making my friends laugh, and now I’m just doing it for real! I love it.

This weekend, I had a MOTHER of a Saturday. I had a baby shower AND a wedding all in one day. I woke up at 7 (what is wrong with me?), cleaned my whole apartment (again, what is wrong with me?) went for a run, and then got a pedicure. I went to the baby shower and instantly started crying when I saw my friend. She’s an amazing friend who has the ability to make everyone feel happy when she’s around. Seeing her glow with her little belly was amazing.

There were two other friends from high school there and it was just so funny to sit around and catch up. One has been in a serious relationship for like a million years, the other has been married two years, the one who’s pregnant got married last year, and I’m single as ever.  We’re all the same age, but all at completely different stages in life, so our stories were just fun. One of them was talking about re-doing her bathroom and how painting the baseboards was the worst. I’ve seen her chug a 40 and party girl dance on a table. I had to ask, “Did you ever think you’d say that sentence?” and she’s like, “Oh no! Never in a million years.” Growing up is weird, man.

After the shower, I went and got my hair done and I loved it. I hate my haircut and all I want is long hair so I can have my messy buns. The girl did a fabulous job of not making it look like I had a mom-do and I sped home to do my makeup and headed to the wedding.

Ladies, if you’re going to an event and you need some killer threads, ya gotta do Rent the Runway. Seriously. I threw down $40 on a dress that’s retailed at $750 and it was probably one of my better investments. They send you a size up or down, so you can see which one fits better and if you pay $30, they’ll throw in some accessories. SO smart because really, if you just plan on wearing it to one event and taking pictures, there’s no point in keeping a dress. RENT it, baby.

The wedding was breathtaking! Beautiful, magical, wonderful, and a blast! I went solo and sat with some friends and my friend’s parents. We had a grand ole time. The bride looked glamourous and in love.  Everything went smooth and we danced the night away. I may or may not have requested like the last 10 songs and got everyone out on the dance floor to spank the planks. Okay, I did.

ALSO, I caught the bouquet! (Maybe the bride shot it my way, but that’s neither here nor there.)I’ve caught it 2 times before but that’s when I was with bozo, so I don’t think those count. Maybe I won’t be the next to get married, but I definitely have better vibes about this catching. 🙂

The next day, we had a family dinner to celebrate my grandpa’s 84th birthday and made him feel like the king of the castle. We had chicken, my grandma’s potato salad recipe, baked beans and some cake with his favorite ice cream. We wore party hats and it was perfect.

So. That’s whassup with me. ‘s all good, man. 🙂


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