Bye, Bye, Booze!

This week has definitely been a challenging one for me. I’ve been talking about how I would like to change , but I haven’t really done a whole lot about it besides upping my yoga game. It’s been wonderful and I have noticed changes, but I made a decision that if I really want to change my life and make it more rewarding, I’d have to eliminate even more negativity.

With that said, I’ve decided to (drum roll please) stop drinking for 6 months.

Wait, what?!?! Happy Hour Hannah layin’ off the sauce?

That’s right, folks. I’m taking a break from the booze. Why this decision? Well, there are many factors, but the biggest one is that I feel like it brings more negative things than positive. I’m not going to get all high and mighty up here on my horse, but it’s hindered me from being the person who I really know I can be.

I gave up drinking for a 3 month spell last year and it was nice because I felt better without any hangovers, but I really just went back to it after and didn’t do any self discovery or anything.

So with this 6 month (starting with 6, it could be longer, depending on how I feel) I am really going to challenge myself and do all of the things I’ve been saying I’d like to do and without any booze in my way, I’ll have more of a drive. Here’s a list of things I’m going to do while off the sauce.

1. Yoga, yoga, yoga.
I really, really, really am loving yoga! I love the early morning classes and getting a good burn and stretch in with the rising sun, and without hangovers, this can definitely be possible. I want to just embrace it and have a body I’m proud of. I am also looking into teaching yoga if I keep up with it. I’m seriously loving my Barre classes and would love to teach that. And getting a yoga butt is definitely a motivator.

2. Volunteer.
There are so many volunteer opportunities in my area, it’s crazy! I have taken a peek at a few that look interesting and I think I’m going to dedicate my Sunday’s to volunteering. I think I’d like to do the Animal Rescue League or a nursing home. I’d just like to go somewhere that will be rewarding and meet people who I otherwise wouldn’t meet.

3. Improv class.
!!!!!!!! So excited about this one! I have always wanted to do plays or improv and for some reason or another, I just never did. A friend in LA recently just got done with a sketch comedy writing workshop and I was so excited and so jealous of him at the same time, but I never did anything about it. He actually said he was thinking about doing improv too, and that got my wheels turning. With a quick Google search, I found classes coming up next week! It’ll be on Monday nights from 7-9. I think this will be an awesome creative outlet and encourage me to do more with my writing! My other friend said she did it in Denver and it helped her in ways she couldn’t imagine, so she signed up too! So excited for this! Also, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristin Wiig and Mindy Kaling (🙌👏🙌👏🙌) all have done improv, so I’ll channel my inner comedian goddesses and I’ll be golden.

4. Write.
I love blogging and I’m trying to be more consistent with it, and without booze, I’ll be more of a homebody and will have more time. My stories might not be as silly, but I’m sure they will have a little more depth than face planting into a cake. I’d like to pick up a side gig of blogging that would pay some dinero, but that will take some time, I’m guessing.

I’d also just like to write something each night that isn’t necessarily connected to blogging, just to see what I can do.

Well, there it is. I’ve said it aloud and it’s out on Internetland, so it’s official! Bye, bye booze! See ya, happy hours. It’s been real, but I needs me a break. 👍✌️


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