26 Ain’t So Bad

Well, here I am. I’m 26 and in all honesty, I feel so much better about this year than I did with 25. It’s so weird how a number or a year can make such a difference, but I think I went into 25 with bad vibes and came out with bad vibes, so this time I knew I had to flip it and be positive. This is my year!

With that being said, here’s a little story about how I welcomed the new and bright 26!

I went on a little drink date with a dude whom I met through…yeah, Tinder. BUT, he was a friend of a friend and she said we would be a good match, so I thought, why not, and started a little chat sesh with him. He was hilarious, witty, adventurous and fun. He was up on his pop culture and most of our jokes and conversation stemmed around movies, music and just everything I like. We did that text thing where it’s all day and all night and the stupid smirks and giggles at the phone and I was genuinely excited.

We decided to meet up at my favorite dive bar for a couple pre birthday beers and I was giddy. Maybe it was all of the birthday excitement, the thought of meeting someone new and the idea of going on a date with a guy who was actually interesting. I was antsy all day and came home and went to a yoga sesh with hopes of calming down, but that was a fail because I could have just danced out of my pants. While getting ready, I had a beer to calm the ole nerves, tried on only like 65 shirts and then got the text that he was here to pick me up.

He got out, gave me a nice little hug and I was just a big pile of giggles. KEEP IT TOGETHER, HANNAH! I eventually calmed down, and we got to the bar. We chatted all night and there wasn’t ever really a break in conversation and I was happy. He looked like the prince from Tangled and had perfect hair. Anyway, the date ended and he dropped me off. I thought it went well and was excited (a little buzzed too because I didn’t eat before because I was too antsy…theme here?)

Well, he text me happy birthday the next morning right away and that was it. I was bummed, and overanalyzed everything, but I finally just chalked it up to a good time and a date I could check off my list! No bad feelings or anything. Ya like whatcha like and ya don’t whatcha don’t.

Onto my birthday…

My roommate had been asking me for weeks what I wanted to do and I had no idea! First time in years where I was like, “Meh,” and just thought I’d roll with the punches. We decided on Birthday Thursday at a local bar and Martini Fest, which was conveniently in our backyard at the bars. SWEET!

I came home from work a little bummed because of the date and not hearing back, but I was ready to go and let my hair down since we both took the next day off. Turns out recovering after 25 takes a full 2 days. Uffda. My roommate got me an adorable cake with a cat on it and got a case of beer, which naturally meant shower beers, one of my favorite past times. We got ready, had a couple of totties and headed on into the night!

It was wonderful. We went up to the rooftop bar, got my birthday cup and let my free drinks flow! I saw people from my old work, some new friends and dudes galore. We played the night away and decided to leave and a cute boy gave me a piggy back ride to the 24/7 Mexican restaurant that I’ve never eaten at before bar close.

We chowed on nachos and then I came home and my roommate took a lovely SnapChat video of me face planting into my cake. It’s truly adorable seeing a 26 year old girl with her shirt all messy, diving face first into a cake and then smiling into the camera with frosting all over her makeup smeared face. What can I say? It’s part of my charm.

The next day, we couched it and watched TV for a while, then both went on our own separate detox runs to sweat out the previous night’s decisions. We showered and got ready for Martini Fest and headed out the door for round 2! It was a blast! We hopped around all of the bars and tried out their signature cocktails and then met up with a couple of young gentlemen and went to the country bar, which is always a confusing and good time. We came back to our apartment and chatted until about 4 am and then went to bed.

It was one of my best birthdays because it was with good company and it wasn’t a huge deal. My roommate did an awesome job of making me feel like the special birthday girl and I know I have big shoes to fill for her birthday! My brother’s sweet girlfriend even sent me these adorable Lululemon leg warmers for my yoga classes! They’re so soft and I gotta say, I look pretty fly when I bounce into class with them. So sweet.

I’m so happy now and I’m figuring out what I really like doing. I started teaching English as a Second language on Tuesday nights to Spanish speaking adults and it is nothing short of amazing and gratifying. I love practicing yoga and I look forward to what that will bring. I’m starting to be financially aware…soon responsible, right now, more aware if anything. I love writing and blogging, so I’m going to be more consistent with that and see where it leads me.

So excited for 26! Bring on the good vibes! I can feel it! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒŸ

Here’s a picture of me that my roommate took of me, just admiring the scenery on my birthday.



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