Aaand Here We Are

This week has been a goofy one. I’m not sure if there’s a full moon and the crazies are out, or if I’ve been particularly funny, but I’ve had 3 friends, all of whom I admire, who suggested I should blog. So, after a little research and reading up on how to get my yammering out for all to read, I created a WordPress to entertain anyone who wants to hop along for the ride.

I think the blogging world is a very interesting one, simply for the fact that I’m not sure how I’m anymore different than a lot of people my age. I mean, we’re all trying to find out what we’re really into and what makes us happy. Granted, this has been one whack ass year for me and there have been times when I have found myself eating Thai food alone in my bed and watching stand up, but hasn’t everyone?

With that being said, maybe I do have some input I can provide as well as some stories.

I suppose I’ll start off with a little story of what was supposed to be a relaxing happy hour with my dear friend from Los Angeles. I couldn’t wait to meet up with her over a couple of glasses of vino and hear all about her sister’s wedding over the weekend. To flex my cool muscle, I took her to a new swanky place that specializes in happy hours and we got to chatting at a high top table overlooking the crowded patio.

I had originally asked if we could sit on the patio, but it was full, so I snagged the high top nearest to the door in case a table opened up. Unbeknownst to me, the patio would be the last place I would want to sit as I soon noticed an all too familiar figure walking on it, hand in hand with some lazy eyed chick with a blunt cut.

You’ve got to be kidding me. How in the hell would this doofus even find himself at this place?

That doofus was the dude I dated for 5 years and whom I recently just got over. I called it quits with him in October after months of being in a loveless and boring relationship, but the wound took a while to heal and I just recently started being able to joke about it and move on.

So here I am. Smiling with my friend and I see this nimrod. It took me all but 3 seconds before I just started laughing. My city is big, but still small enough where you’d easily run into the same people out and about, and up until then, I had only seen him twice, both being from a distance and glass separating us.

But this time was different. I felt awesome. I was wearing an outfit I just threw together and it looked bangin’, I was with good company and I honestly just didn’t care. I knew I had the upper hand because he joined a table where the only place he could sit, just happened to be directly facing me. Not only was it the only seat open, but it was under an umbrella, which was protecting his pasty ginger skin from sizzling up in the 5 o’clock 70 degree weather.

By this time, he saw me and I knew he was just completely uncomfortable. Ha! I’m winning! My friend and I are just laughing so hard because she knew how he got nervous and uneasy he got, so we took full advantage of the situation. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t that a little sinister? Shouldn’t you have just left or ignored him?” And the answer to both of those questions is “Hell. No.” After the break up, he started dating this broad 2 weeks after we split because I “hurt his feelings.” Waaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaa!

So. We just put on our best shit eating grins and stared at him until he looked at us. You can bet there was a puddle under his seat because he was squirming so hard.

That all went down over the course of an hour, and my friend and I had a beautiful conversation that didn’t consist of me hating my ex or doling on the fact that he was there, but of how much she loved her new beau, my new job, our families and other things that make our lives colorful. Seeing the doofus with his shit-for-brains girlfriend only lightened up my time with her and honestly solidified the end of the whole relationship.

It took a long time for me to get where I am in that department, but honestly, I haven’t been this happy in years.

And with that, I conclude my first blog post with Pandora playing “Landslide,” which suits this post oh-so-perfectly.

time makes you bolder

Hope I delivered! 🙂